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Radio Logos
The mission of the churches in the Peruvian jungle is to spread the Word of God in all of the indigenous languages that exist in the jungle.
After a long legal process of getting the paperwork in order, the Peruvian government granted a resolution which gave the green light to start the installation of the equipment and testing the quality of the transmissions.

The Summer Institute of Linguistics, represented by Ray Rising, and countless contributors donated time and resources to purchase and install the equipment for this ministry. It will allow the Peruvians to evangelize and disciple their won people via radio.

With God's bless, after much hard work and effort, Radio Logos began airing programs from Chazuta into the Amazon basin of Peru and beyond.

Today there are programs in nine different languages being broadcast for 12 hours a day. They ate also getting reports that the programs are reaching six other languages groups, a total audience of 15 languages.

We are happy to report that Radio Logos is exceeding the initial expectations of the developers, reaching farther and more signal strength to the indigenous communities of the Peruvian Amazon basin.

July 12, 2012

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Radio Logos is broadcasting from Chazuta Peru on 4810 SW with listener reports from Sweden, Illinois, New York, and California. These reports demonstrate the far reaching effects of this media. Many language groups can and are receiving this station signal in their own language and dialect. Note a report from the folks that assist the installation and operation:

" May and June we were able to do two more dubbings of the New Testament for two dialects of Quechua—Junin and Apurimac. We sent two teams to do this. The Junin people had waited almost nine years for their New Testament to be recorded and they were extremely emotional during the dubbing. The dedication of the Apurimac New Testament will be in September which means they will not only have the precious written Word in their hands but will also be able to listen to it by way of the 'PROCLAIMER' and radio."

"We have also helped in the construction and importation of equipment for a new radio station in Chazuta, in the Peruvian jungle. Ray Rising, a radio engineer and member of Wycliffe Bible Translators, has been helping with this from the beginning. We had a lot of legal problems at first but thanks be to God we were finally able to import the equipment and send it out to Chazuta. This radio station will be so far-reaching that it will cover half of Peru, even reaching many far off communities and will be transmitting in different languages. We have at present in our offices, more than 15 New Testaments recorded and within a few days, they will be on the airwaves 24 hours a day going out to half the country of Peru. (emphasis added) This is unbelievable. Chazuta Radio Station is just as it says in Habakkuk 2:14—“For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.”

Prayer Requests:
"We are now getting seven laptops ready to be used at the radio station so that seven different tribal groups can make their own programs. We are in need of eight microphones for this Project. We also need a Beringer console with ten channels to be used in the studio.

Two trips are still to be made to Chazuta to prepare the studio . Carlos Timana and Roberto Almeida will be travelling there as soon as we have more funding for this project. The cost of the above needed equipment is approximately $980."

(Excerpts from prayer letter of Jaime & Monica Almeida, July 2012 )

How delightful to hear of the passions of the people and of so many now listening to the "Good News" in their own villages in the remotest jungles. Please pray for the funds and full implementation of the studio and rest of the facilities to be completed properly, plus the scripture preparation, dubbing, translations, and additional training to use the Audacity software and station scheduling software. The managers and DJ's are eager and busy implementing the capabilities of Radio Logos to reach jungles far from Chazuta.

Please pray for protection, continued funding, and safety for the proper installation of all the systems including proper operation of the satellite dish to acquire programs from HCJB-Equador. The operators and DJ's will need to acquaint themselves with a Scheduling Program on the donated station desktop computer to get the programming in the proper slots and times. Of course, they have already been recording music and programs on their donated laptops sent down earlier for training, using the software "Audacity".

July 5, 2012

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We are excited to report that a portion of the funds have been donated to allow the project to proceed for installation and preparation for operation. More is needed to cover costs of travel and equipment for the station, updating computers, and other costs. Please continue to supply funds as you have already so generously.

First, four men are scheduled to leave the States in a few days with several refurbished computers that had been donated recently. Some other miscellaneous equipment needs to be hand carried to Chazuta. A station computer is assembled to allow broadcast engineers to setup a schedule and transmit the Good News across the Jungles of Peru! Software will facilitate station scheduling and operations.

Second, the installation will progress with three local congregation(s) doing all the heavy lifting. The engineers are overseeing and training for proper and sustained operation. The tower will be installed, antennas installed and tuned, the transmitter installed, then the studio equipment will be installed. A donated desktop computer was refurbished and Radio Scheduling software installed for the DJ's to properly schedule each program. The Programs will include scripture readings, language specific teaching for tribes in remote jungles. Remember that the GALCOM Radio receivers are FIXED tuned to this stations frequency and distributed to these specific language groups.

The most important item is for all to be reminded that Project Chazuta is in God's hands and it is His project -we are only facilitating it for Him. The Good News that changes lives and makes Godly characters from us as fallen men is a miracle that is God sized. Nothing we do, can and will be accomplished without God orchestrating and overseeing it. We give God all the glory and honor.

We appreciate all our partners that donated used laptops, hard earned dollars, equipment, and expertise to make this come to this point. We cannot do it without all you partners assistance! We pray this station will transmit the Love of God all over the broadcast footprint in Peru.

The 1000 little Galcom radio receivers will be distributed to key villages all over the area are all fix-tuned to this station's frequency. Some have even been dropped from small planes with little parachutes (sewed by the ladies of sewing groups in the US) to key locations to impact people unable to be reached any other way. They are turned on before being parachuted so when a tree "catches" it, and a good tree climber retrieves it it can be used for a long time. And we know they are listening (from their reports!).

Thank you to all the prayer partners,
The Chazuta Team

June 8, 2012 Update

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Equipment ready for shipment
As of June 8, 2012 we have received just enough funds to be able to ship the Transmitter, antenna and other equipment, in two crates It should be in to Lima, Peru by today and we pray it will pass customs and arrive at its destination in Chazuta without delay, losses, and hassles. The road trip from Lima to Chazuta is 40 hours by truck.

The balance of funding needed to install the complete station and to have the station on the air by August 8 is still $32,300. Please pray with us that the entire money will arrive soon to allow our technicians to arrive and install the complete station soon.

This project and several other ones will have a tremendous Scripture-In-Use impact. One project is waiting license approval: others are Galcom radios for use by remote peoples to be able to hear these Short Wave broadcasts. Hebrews 6:10

Thank You very much for being available to assist in this partial funding! Our Budget has been shorted due to Budget Cuts... Pray that the Lord of the Harvest will send more money to complete this vital work.

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