July 5, 2012

posted Sep 3, 2012, 5:36 PM by Daniel Brinneman   [ updated Sep 3, 2012, 5:36 PM ]
We are excited to report that a portion of the funds have been donated to allow the project to proceed for installation and preparation for operation. More is needed to cover costs of travel and equipment for the station, updating computers, and other costs. Please continue to supply funds as you have already so generously.

First, four men are scheduled to leave the States in a few days with several refurbished computers that had been donated recently. Some other miscellaneous equipment needs to be hand carried to Chazuta. A station computer is assembled to allow broadcast engineers to setup a schedule and transmit the Good News across the Jungles of Peru! Software will facilitate station scheduling and operations.

Second, the installation will progress with three local congregation(s) doing all the heavy lifting. The engineers are overseeing and training for proper and sustained operation. The tower will be installed, antennas installed and tuned, the transmitter installed, then the studio equipment will be installed. A donated desktop computer was refurbished and Radio Scheduling software installed for the DJ's to properly schedule each program. The Programs will include scripture readings, language specific teaching for tribes in remote jungles. Remember that the GALCOM Radio receivers are FIXED tuned to this stations frequency and distributed to these specific language groups.

The most important item is for all to be reminded that Project Chazuta is in God's hands and it is His project -we are only facilitating it for Him. The Good News that changes lives and makes Godly characters from us as fallen men is a miracle that is God sized. Nothing we do, can and will be accomplished without God orchestrating and overseeing it. We give God all the glory and honor.

We appreciate all our partners that donated used laptops, hard earned dollars, equipment, and expertise to make this come to this point. We cannot do it without all you partners assistance! We pray this station will transmit the Love of God all over the broadcast footprint in Peru.

The 1000 little Galcom radio receivers will be distributed to key villages all over the area are all fix-tuned to this station's frequency. Some have even been dropped from small planes with little parachutes (sewed by the ladies of sewing groups in the US) to key locations to impact people unable to be reached any other way. They are turned on before being parachuted so when a tree "catches" it, and a good tree climber retrieves it it can be used for a long time. And we know they are listening (from their reports!).

Thank you to all the prayer partners,
The Chazuta Team