The Ethnic Radio Team, an extension of Wycliffe Bible Translators, has a mission of using radio to reach the remotest tribal groups using radio transmitters, training natives to do all the programming and management of a radio station, then making solar-powered radio receivers available to these remote language peoples with broadcasts they understand since it is in their language. These solar powered fixed tuned radio receivers are Galcom radios which are easily used by the villages and individuals listen to their own broadcast. The unit is a fixed tuned frequency radio that cannot be changed. It is for their own restricted language group to listen to a specific Christian radio broadcast.

“Over 4.5 billion people in the world are oral learners. Either they cannot read, they do not have a written language or they belong to an oral culture. Providing audio players and radios is the only way to reach these people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” —Galcom

To donate to the AMG Chazuta Radio Project go to our top-left sidebar menu (three horizontal lines) on this website. Prayerfully consider the impact you can have in the evangelization of the South American peoples.

Our Goal: Matthew 28:19-20

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