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Trnasmitter andf Tower Repair and Upgrade - Bolivia

June 2019
Thank you for your continued support financially and in prayer. We are so grateful for your partnership in our Wycliffe ministry.
Replacing Antenna
Ray was in Cochabamba, Bolivia, in March to help replace a shortwave antenna at Radio Mosoj Chaski (New Messenger). This is a shortwave station that broadcasts in Quechua during the night and early morning hours to all the rural areas in Bolivia. Our partner mission Galcom has provided 50,000 fixed, tuned receivers for those areas.
Ray also spent some days in Santa Cruz renewing contact with families who were mentored while we were living there in 1999-2007.

Recently, he coordinated a lightning protection project live via WhatsApp to a remote FM station in Northern Bolivia. They broadcast the gospel in Spanish, Portuguese, and a local indigenous language. The next project is to install two Solid State shortwave transmitters in central Colombia to replace the old obsolete, heavy power-consuming transmitters that are…

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