FM Station in Peru

New FM Transmitter Installation in Peru!

  The week of June 11, 2017 a team of two departed to accomplish the installation of a FM Transmitter in Chazuta Peru. The Short wave station in Chazuta is working well. However the "close in" folks cannot receive a short wave signal. Short wave is a much longer distance tool. A FM signal reaches the peoples closer to the originating station. Thus the FM signal is valuable for the peoples living within 5- 10 -20 or likely even 50 mile radius. The Chazuta evangelical church wants to also be able to read and teach the scriptures to "local" people. Thus teh FM station is imperative.
The equipment has arrived in Peru and will be installed in the following days.

   Please Pray for easy and complete installation and proper working order for this station.

   These photos show the equipment being transported to the transmitter site to be installed. Much work and investment has made this a reality. Pray the station will be up and working properly quickly to reach these tribes living closer to Chazuta Peru.

The installation is underway. Hope to have the electrical done today ( Thursday).

  Pray the station will be operational by 6/16.

  The programs are ready to be aired for the language groups in and around the city of Chazuta, Peru. Pray there will be much harvest and discipleship from this effort.

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