Update from the Smiths

The Ticuna and the Matses have been at war with each other for generations. Just take a look at what Jesus has been doing

TODAY *** A young man is recording bible stories in the Matses language and they are being aired by the Chazuta Ethnic Christian Radio Station. He is wearing a headdress which is not Matses but Ticuna. The man operating the soundboard is a Ticuna. What a difference the Bible makes. !!

Many of you prayed us through the early days before and after the 1969 peaceful contact with the feared Matses. Linda joined the Matses team in 1972 and I joined after converting the aircraft fleet to solid state equipment. That was in 1973.

We lived with the Matses eight years. Harriet Fields and Hattie Kneeland were the translators. Harriet has gone on to be with the Lord. Hattie is revising the Matses Bible. Thanks, Hat. Please pray for Hat she has a bad case of TMB.

Many of you sent us to the field in 1966. Thank you. All of you have kept us there. How can we thank you enough? “Jesus, my request is that you bless each one”.

Blessing to you and yours. Glenn and Linda Smith

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