September '19 Travels and Video Updates

  Dear Friends,

  Thank you very much for being involved in the Ethnic Radio ministry with your prayers and financial support.  You are very much part of our team.

  Our goal is to bring the Word of God to those forgotten minority language groups via media and radio.

  Ray had planned to go to Colombia in July but had to cancel because of the major landslide on the mountain road to Villavicencio and so far there is no word as to when this road will open again.

  Because of the uncertainty of when the road will open again another option has come up.  On August 23-Sept. 4 Ray will travel to Colombia to look for another possible site and make contacts for a short wave radio station.   From this site the signal will cover all of Venezuela and eastern Colombia.  The trip requires a 1 hour and 40 minute trip to a location along the Colombia/Venezuela boarder in a passenger plane operated by the Colombian Air Force.


                                    Testing prototype antenna in our back yard for possible use for
                            the site in Colombia/Venezuela designed by Engineer Wayne Borthwick 

  Please pray for viable contacts, health (it’s a hot, humid place), safety and answers to the technical and logistic questions for this location.  This could be a very strategic outreach.

  Praise the Lord, He is sovereign!

  Your missionaries,

  Ray and Doris Rising

Please watch this video of how Ethnic Radio reaches out:

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