Llata, Peru _Radio Logos Update 12/2015

One of many villages in these mountains

Quechua mother with SonSet solar radio

Radio Logos in Northern Peru broadcast the Christmas Story in 11 jungle languages in December. We are hearing encouraging reports from indigenous leaders. We have/ are working with radio stations that we established in the past couple years. We give praise for funds to purchase almost 500 fixed tunes, solar powered SonSet radios that will go to Radio Logos for distribution. Pray for all that is involved with importing these radios to the Radio Logos listening area.

Our goal is to make sure the long range requirements are in place to keep this station operating and being a light in a dark world. Many indigenous groups are eager already to hear the broadcasts in their own mother tongue which make it so much easier to not only understand but to make life changing decisions for Eternity.

Please pray for wisdom for the entire Llata listening area and that many many lives will be changed forever, pray for the proper people and management to keep this station on the air permanently.
Thank You for your prayers and support,
The Ethnic Radio Team

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