Rising update for September

In the last 3 months scripture based radio programs have been produced in 3 minority language groups
in Colombia: Koreguaje, Guambiano and Paez/Nasa. The Guambianos worked with the Paez/Nasa to produce
these programs for their community radio station. The managers of the Guambiano radio station asked me if
it was okay to air these programs on 8 other FM stations that the Guambianos listen to. PTL for this means
of spreading His Word! This has been a joint coordinated project with various North American and nationals
working together plus the important part of your partnership with us in prayer and financial support. Many
more “tribes” will be before the throne!
Here are some of the testimonies of the listeners:

We understand the message better because it’s in our language!
Now I’m a Christian for the glory of God.
People that are invalid can hear the message since they can’t attend a church.
The children are listening to Christian programs.
We want Christian programs in our language too!
These programs are a rich blessing because it’s in our language and our radio station so our people can hear the Word of God.
These programs are very important for listeners to learn and seek God.
These programs allowed me to find God.
God changed my life through his teaching.

Praise the Lord for the efforts of many to make these testimonies possible.

Pray for:

1. The installation of a new FM Radio station in Pucallpa, Peru. This will cover an area of 14 minority language groups.

2. The distribution of the book ‘Guerilla Hostage’ in Spanish. They are all printed PTL! Thank you for your donations!
- The technical work and radio programs with Guambiano radio network
- Level One Christian radio programs with the Ticunas on the Amazon
- The recording studio for Katios

We have seen a downward trend in our support the last 4 months. Wycliffe raised all the quotas by
18% so we are at 75% support. That equals $1100/month lacking. Please pray with us concerning this
need so that we can continue this ministry that God has called us to.

3. “The greatest missionary is the Bible in the mother tongue. It never needs a furlough and is never
considered a foreigner.” Cameron Townsend, ( founder of Wycliffe Bible Translators.)

Thank You

Ray and Doris Rising

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