Katio Studio Built in Colombia

On May 10, 2017 Ray Rising and team headed to Colombia, South America, to serve the Katio people who have been waiting a long time for a professional recording studio. They want to develop and share the Word of God in their language through recorded scripture, teaching, and music.

Ray, Rick Herr, Alex Wier, Dean Mooney, and Ray McCoy arrived in Bogota, and the next day traveled to the north of Colombia. After shopping for needed supplies, enjoying a typical Colombian coastal meal, and bypassing a university political protest - complete with tear gas - they arrived in very hot Montelibano.

Two Colombian women work as a team with the Katios. Delcy oversees the translation process, working with four Katio co-translators. Their final push is to finish the rough draft of Hebrews – the last remaining book of the New Testament to be translated. Claudia specializes in community development and audio-visual projects.

What a need they have had for this professionally equipped studio! Claudia described what they had to do in the past. “When we recorded in our makeshift studio, sounds of children, chickens, peacocks, and cars from the street could be heard in the recordings. The sound quality was not good and there were so many distractions.”

Ray and team installed acoustic ceiling tiles and wall panels designed to control reverberation. They custom designed and installed sound-blocking doors to shut out outside noise. Efficient LED lighting and finally the microphones, computer, mixer board, voltage stabilizer, and security and fire detection sensors were put into place. Delcy and Claudia gave the system a check with tears of joy.

God’s Word has shown dramatic results in the lives of the Katio Christians. Practices in their culture against the innocence of children have been abandoned. Other biblical truths have caused them to reject sorcery and made them realize the need for helping one another, building each other up in all areas of community living. The professionally recorded Word of God, Christian music, and teaching programs can be broadcast and passed around on smartphones. Yes, the Katio people, although some would think of them as isolated, use smartphones!

Your gifts of prayer and finances have made this long-waited project come to completion. Thank you. Don’t stop praying for your Katio brothers and sisters and for Delcy and Claudia. Their difficult labor, for God’s glory and against His enemy, is not finished. Pray for more Katio believers to be represented with all the saints now on earth and around the Throne on that Day.

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