A Trip to Peru - May 2012

Dear Friends,

Years ago, when I was held captive by a guerrilla force in Columbia, I learned first hand the powerful impact of hearing radio broadcasts in my own language. Since that time, it has been a passion of mine to establish radio stations in South America so thousands are able to hear the Word of God -even in areas that are nearly impossible to reach in their "heart language". Recently a highland Quechua radio producer told Ray how radio has helped open many closed doors to proclaim the gospel in isolated locations.

Jairo Sangama is a Peruvian pastor I met five years ago, also has a vision to reach his people by radio. Together we have begun the long process of searching for a prime location to build a short-wave radio broadcast station in Chazuta, Peru. A prime two-acre plot was donated by a family in the Chazuta church for a radio station, however the grandmother of the family was not a believer and opposed the project.

God has worked in marvelously in Grandmother Marleny’s heart and she has become a follower of Jesus and supports the land donation! Grandma Marleny and twenty-four others were at the land site to greet us May 2, 2012 ready to clear the land for the antenna! God has orchestrated donated radio equipment, which is ready to ship to Peru. The monumental task for the station is nearly done after two years of paperwork, license application, and preparation. Land is cleared,equipment donated and the work is now started.

Our excitement at the progress of this project is hard to describe but at the moment we are relating to the freed Hebrew slaves coming out of Egypt! We’re facing a Red Sea of our own and realising the Egyptians are in hot pursuit! Our budget has been cut so there are no funds for shipping the donated equipment. August 8, 2012 is the deadline for having the station operational in compliance with the license, or we must begin that process all over again!

In order to cross this "Red Sea", we will need funds for the electric connection, transmitter building, studio equipment and travel funds. The $38,000 needed seems impossible but we serve a God of possibilities and we are joyfully expecting a miraculous parting of these

Join us in this exciting Ethnic Radio journey and pray that God will meet all these needs above and beyond all we ask or think! If you’d like to invest in the eternal rewards of this ministry, please contact us. Checks can be sent to:

Wycliffe Bible Translators
P.O. Box 628200
Orlando, FL 32862-8200
Attn: AMG-Chazuta Radio

If GOD is for us, and we know He is, who can be against us?

Partnering together for His glory,
Ray and Doris Rising

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