Dedication of Radio Logos -September 2013

Pastor Gomez with Rick Herr

Kids from Llata

The first week of September found a large crowd of about 500 people from 17 language groups attending a big celebration of Radio Logos at the local evangelical church in Chazuta, Peru. Many attended from remote areas since they heard it on Radio Logos -even from as far away as Brazil. It was a very big event with folks celebrating that they can hear the strong signal from many hundreds of miles into the Amazon Jungle Basin.

A recently completed studio is also part of the station and to produce recorded scripture and programs for airing. Even the younger ones are involved including a 15-year-old girl helping in the studio. They are very motivated to be a part of this vital and growing ministry.

Radio Logos on the air!

We praise God for the many many donations and volunteers that have made Radio Logos a reality. The church is very thankful for all the hard work expended by so many. It is amazing how God works to get His Word to the Amazon Jungle.

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