An application for a new station in Pucallpa, Peru. Pray the License for a shortwave radio station will be issued soon. This station will be able to cover the Southwest part of the country.

Training for station techs, program designers plus Godly managers will be next. Some stations have several Christian Fellowship join together to form a Co-op for station management and financial needs. How wonderful that Christians work together to bring to Good News to the airwaves remote area and many different dialects.

Scripture engagement open to the entire community

One of our team members worked in Bible translation in an area where there was no radio programming in the local language. When the owners of a local Christian radio station discovered that an audio recording was available of the Gospel of Mark in the local language, they began broadcasting it for one hour each afternoon. If you were to walk through the villages during the hour of the radio broadcast, you would hear the Gospel of Mark coming from the radios in so many homes that it was like hearing it in “Surround Sound.” Radio has been the most powerful media platform for communication in Latin America. Most everyone listens to radio, and many listen throughout much of the day. It is commonly believed that if something is important, it will be heard on the radio. Radio is where people look for entertainment, information and news. For many indigenous groups, listening to radio is essential. It would be hard for them to imagine life without it.

Radio Programming Content:

The most common forms of religious radio content in Latin America are preaching and music. Playing Scripture portions is another common programming option since it requires little preparation. Radio programming that features a variety of elements is generally the most effective for engaging audiences. Below are some elements that can be considered as providing interesting ways to engage with Scripture in a radio program.· Scripture Readings - Dramatized readings greatly increase people’s ability to pay attention, and to understand and remember the passage being read. Dramatized reading may require a bit of extra preparation, but is always worth it. Using one of the Faith Comes By Hearing recordings can help provide dramatized readings of high quality.

Greetings - Listeners pass on greetings, birthday wishes, and messages to other listeners. Look for ways to get audience engagement, such as through contests with prizes. Rewards for participation could include vernacular Scripture portions, vernacular music and videos, etc.

Audio Dramas - These have a wonderfully enjoyable way of enabling listeners to enter into the story. Dramas can broach biblical topics and cultural issues through one-time or serial performances. Cultural issues need to be explored with local content developers. (The Culture Meets Scripture workshop can be very helpful in this.) Positive traits of a culture can be used to show how biblical concepts are already present in the culture, and how they can be strengthened, such as the value for strong families, honor and respect for others, a responsible work ethic, living in harmony with others, etc. Every culture also has problems and struggles that need to be discussed, such as sexual abuse, alcoholism and drug addiction, gossip, machismo, bullying, etc. Radio dramas can powerfully address these topics in ways that are different than, and that can be coordinated with, talk shows.
Announcements - Community events and community service opportunities can help the entire community and thus adds value to the program.
Humor - Riddles or jokes can draw in more listeners and add flavor to any program, especially if they have a Scripture-related application. Proverbs 17:22 says, “A cheerful heart is good medicine….”Click here to got to “Video: So real we feel we are there,” or first tell us how radio has impacted Scripture engagement in your life.

Llata, Peru a remote village at 11,000 ft
with a peak at 13,000 ft. FM Transmitter is installed at the very top. Signal travels way up and down the valley below. Very successful. Hundreds of villages covered. The local evangelicals banded together to make this station so successful. Just updated with a remote transmitter link.

This crowd met to celebrate installation of this Station. As they filled up the common space donating funds from meager resources for evangelism of their neighbors far and near.

Ethnic Radio Ministries

The goals of Radio Logos include airing programs in pastoral training, evangelism, Biblical teaching, promoting Mother Tongue scripture use to remote areas, social connection and information, education in health, agriculture, and general communication from authorities.

We assist evangelical churches in their goals to evangelize neighboring groups through radio and recorded media.

Media specialists in Bogata produce 7 minute Bible readings in the indigenous languages for radio; Trans World Radio personnel are assisting in the production of radio programs for Mother Tongues in Venezuala; building a recording studio on the Amazon; and training Bible School students in production of radio programs.

Ray has been assisting very poor families he has helped in the past with school materials for their children and determine their need for the new year starting in February. We are seeking sponsors to help these children escape poverty by a proper education and share God's love with them. Please let us know your willingness to help.

We so appreciate all of you who have a part in our ministry by prayer and/or financial support. We can't do it without you.
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